Richmond Refrigeration Service, Inc.

10984 Richardson Road

Ashland, VA  23005


Established  1954

About Us

Established in March 1954, we are one of Virginia’s oldest Commercial Refrigeration, Air Conditioning service, and installation companies.  We provide service, 24/7 emergency service, and installation work in Supermarkets, Convenience stores, Restaurants, Bars, Cafes, and Distribution centers across the state of Virginia; not excluding coverage of neighboring states such as Maryland, North Carolina, and West Virginia.


We utilize the latest in Mobile Technology to streamline communication between Dispatch and Technician enabling real-time data transfer back to the office for prompt completion and billing. 


Use of this technology allows for a significant reduction in the amount of paper usage.  Along with the environmental benefits this provides it also produces savings compared to traditional paper tickets which is then passed along to our Customers.  Another advantage to our clients is security.  Unlike paper work tickets, our Mobile Technology stores this information in our database so they are never lost.  These tickets are easily retrieved and securely backed-up into our system increasing the efficiency of our staff. 


The majority of our Technicians use a wireless tablet for this communication and we consider it a very important tool in meeting today's market and demands.





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